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Managing Directors

Kay Griffiths
021 629 584

Craig Single
021 886 295

Ph (06) 8577291

707 Tod Rd, RD 1,
Waipawa 4271,
Central Hawkes Bay,
New Zealand.


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Sometimes its not very clear what species are present at a site until a specific survey is done. 

Monitoring of certain characteristics is usually done to show how things are changing over time due to management practices.  For example, we are monitoring weta to show how they will increase when rats are controlled in A’Deane’s Bush; density of seedlings and saplings relative to presence or absence of ivy in Puahanui Bush, and presence of long –tailed bats in a number of Central HB reserves and covenants.

Tree Weta found in Puahanui Bush

Below are some of the monitoring projects we are currently working on.

Morepork owl