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Craig Single
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707 Tod Rd, RD 1,
Waipawa 4271,
Central Hawkes Bay,
New Zealand.


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Invasive weeds are defined by their ability to adversely change a natural habitat; stopping ecosystem processes such as regeneration or the growth of particular plants.

Beautiful but Deadly

Invasive plants tend to have lots of viable seed which is easily dispersed by wind, water or birds, a fast growing habit, and are hard to kill. 

We are particularly well known for our work on invasive weeds over the last few years.

Below are some very invasive species being controlled by us with eradication as the aim in Hawke’s Bay.  That may sound easy but there has only ever been one successful eradication of an invasive plant in NZ. 

Climbing Spindleberry

Most invasive weeds are not able to be eradicated from the broader landscape but controlled to zero density at specific sites.  The following sites are under long term control for a variety of weed species.

The Lindsay Bush Gang